Welcome to Co-ownership Solutions

Co-ownership Solutions is a specialist provider supporting and guiding employee owned and worker co-operative businesses. We are owned and run by Partners with extensive knowledge and experience gained from working within and supporting a number of co-owned businesses and not for profit organisations over a 20 year period.

Our service covers three main areas. Providing expert advice and guidance to organisations considering employee ownership, worker co-operative and mutual models of ownership as a business succession solution. Developing existing employee owned, worker co-operative and mutual organisations to become successful and great places to work. Providing guidance on governance, share scheme and technical aspects related to co-ownership structures and their successful operation.

It is our firm belief that whenever a business is changing hands, whether due to an owner retiring, a divestment, privatisation or the realisation of an investment, the option of an employee buyout, in the form of an employee ownership or worker co-operative structure, should be considered as a natural progression given the benefits derived by the employees, stakeholders and community from these types of ownership structure.

If you are looking at business succession options or considering how you can improve your existing co-owned organisation, take a look at our website or contact us for an informal discussion. We are here to help you find the right solution for you and your organisation.

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